Liberal Professor ASSAULTS Trump-Supporting Student – INSTANTLY Regrets It

At California State University in Fullerton, a liberal progressive professor, believed it was his right to lay his hands on the Fullerton College students that belonged to the Republican club, showcasing to all that kind of radical, violent, and dangerous staff that liberal progressive schools employ to ‘teach higher education’ to your kids.

It was reported that the part-time anthropology professor Eric Canin attacked Trump-supporters Bryce Ingalls and Jared Lopez during a school counter-protest that the club had put on against the running “No Ban No Wall” protest that had been going on. There is picture evidence as well as witnesses that claim Canin attempted to snatch a protest sign from Lopez’s hands.

Ingalls didn’t like the double standard of the left when it came to protesting and stepped in to prevent the obvious infringement of Lopez’s first amendment right… And that’s when Canin punched Ingalls in the face, according to witnesses.

In quick reaction, Fullerton College Republicans President Christopher Boyle instantly tackled Canin down to the ground and physically restrained him until the campus police could arrive and assess what just happened.

Lopez further explained the situation after the attack:

“(Canin) came up, tried to grab (my) sign and pushed our way … Then he went after (Ingalls) and started swinging at him.”

But Canin refused to go along with what witnesses have claimed they saw and instead said that he didn’t attack anyone and that the students of the club were “making fun of him.” He went on to say “I lost it and I started screaming and they grabbed me from behind and my stuff went flying everywhere.”

The CSUF College Republicans club is working together with the school to bring charges to this obvious psychopath that should be nowhere around a population that disagrees with his views.

Unfortunately, just like countless other attacks and stories, this one is being avoided by the left-owned media. So who wants to bet it’s because this was not only a Republican club that was the victims but a pro-Trump wall protest?

Senior Ali Deway laid out the truth when it comes to the double-standard of the left:

“People would already be in cuffs if this was done to the Democrats.”

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