PROOF: CNN CAUGHT LYING ABOUT MILWAUKEE RIOTS! VIDEO! posted a story called “Residents try to heal,” the article read: Smith’s sister Sherelle Smith condemned the violence, saying the community needs the businesses affected. “Don’t bring that violence here,” Neal, his other sister, said while sobbing.

But WAS that the story? The whole story was that instead of asking for peace… she encouraged people to stop burning down their own neighborhood and start burning down the suburbs. People caught onto this lie from CNN and demanded they write the truth so they did so in a mere tweet:


Here’s the full transcript to what the Milwaukie victim’s sisters did say.

“I lost my brother. I can’t get him back. Never. Never. That’s pain. I can’t look him in the eye no more,” Sherelle Smith said.

“Burning down sh*t ain’t gonna help nothing,” she shouted as she implored protesters to riot in white neighborhoods. “Ya’ll burning down sh*t we need in our community. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that h*t down. We need our sh*t. We need our weaves. I don’t wear it but we need it.”

Syville’s other sister Kimberly Neal confirmed her disdain for police as she said,”Aint no calm no crowd down. Ya’ll think we gonna get reckless out here? It’s gonna get way worse. Until we get justice until motherf*****s start feeling where we coming from it’s gonna hit everywhere.”

Yes, that sounds like ‘world peace’ to me. Good reporting CNN.

CNN suppressed news

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