Protester Who Rushed Stage At Trump Rally Asks To Go To The RNC

One anti-Trump protestor who made national news months ago is looking to enter his sixteenth minute of fame.

For anyone whose memory needs a jogging, 22 year old Thomas DiMassimo attempted to rush the stage at a Trump rally back in March. It wasn’t exactly clear what his goal was. He wasn’t armed with any sort of weapon – and on Twitter he expressed interest in being some sort of martyr.

Months later, he’s trying to inject himself into national news again. And for the purpose of mockery, we’ll grant him that attention. ABC News reported:

A college student awaiting federal trial on a charge he tried to rush the stage at a Donald Trump rally asked for court permission Wednesday to go to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention featuring Trump as its presumptive presidential nominee.

In the motion, Thomas DiMassimo swears he will abide by federal and local laws while at the July 18-21 convention. Judge Sharon Ovington didn’t rule immediately. DiMassimo’s attorney declined to comment, citing the judge’s admonition to both sides not to discuss the case publicly.

Yeah – sure. Something tells me that this guy didn’t have a sudden change of heart and start becoming even somewhat trustworthy. Keep in mind everyone, this is the guy we’re talking about here….

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