Protesters Block DHS Dump Truck Carrying Illegals

Protesters fear an increase in crime as the country sees a large number of immigrants crossing the border


The Obama administration is just learning about this immigration crisis as this story breaks, yeah that’s not a joke. As this administration continues their human smuggling operations business across the border is booming for the cartels since our president has joined forces to expedite the illegals all across the United States.

There is one problem he is facing  though, its the resolve of the American citizen who is fed up with the lawless and zero accountability of this administration. They are literally dumping illegals in your backyards with nothing, they are probably signed up as democrats and given their food stamps and sent on their way.

Many people are fighting back and standing up, just as they did with Cliven Bundy; the kettle is steaming and something is going to explode soon if we do not force this administration to obey our constitution, the people have  had enough.

Protesters, some yelling, “They’re not born here!” and “Go back to Mexico!” stood in the street, blocking the buses as they were headed to the suburban border patrol station in Murrieta.

The buses were coming to Murrieta to drop off 140 undocumented immigrants, who illegally crossed into the United States through Texas.

They are the first wave of migrants who are supposed to be processed at that location, before being released to to family or friends until they are called into immigration court.

Protesters say they believe the release will lead to more crime and homelessness.

That’s because agents can only search criminal histories in the U.S. not other countries.

“Nothing is going to stop them from turning around and walking across the street, or walking into the downtown area, or getting on a bus and going somewhere else,” Mark Yarbrough, a Perris City councilman.

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