‘Proud to Be a Christian’: Read Poignant Statement From Family of Student Killed in Oregon Shooting


From TheBlaze: The family of one of the students killed in the Oregon shooting released a statement Friday, remembering their loved one as a proud Christian who had “finally found his path.”

The statement was read by a law-enforcement official during an afternoon news conference.

“, was proud to be a Christian,” it said. “Jason recently enrolled in school at Umpqua Community College. Jason’s mother said that Jason was proud of himself for enrolling in school, and so was his mom. They felt that Jason had finally found his path. His family says that he will be loved and missed.”


According to witnesses, the shooter specifically targeted Christians during his assault on the community college.

Tonja Johnson Engel said that her son had struggled with drug abuse, but decided to continue his education after completing a six-month rehab program with The Salvation Army in Portland.

“The other day, he looked at me and hugged me and said, ‘Mom, how long have you been waiting for one of your kids to go to college?’ And I said, ‘Oh, about 20 years,’” Engel told NBC News.

She said that her son kissed her before he left for class Thursday morning.

“Love ya,” Engel told NBC her son told her. “I’ll see you this afternoon.”

The shooter killed nine students and wounded nine more before being fatally shot by police Thursday.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.


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