Psychopath Muslim Stabs Teen Girl 100+ Times, BREAKS KNIFE IN HER NECK

How mad do you have to be to be able to break a knife blade a girls neck when you stab her over 100 times?

Apparently as mad as a Muslim man on Monday!

This unemployed, 32-year-old Muslim bag of sh*t named Jamiv Usman got dumped by his then teenage girlfriend, Shannon Reynolds, and couldn’t handle it like a man. I believe she was 19 and he was 30 at the time. That’s perfectly within the legal limits if you’re at a strip club, but I don’t think a 30-year-old should be predatory towards a relationship with a 19-year-old. Especially if he’s unemployed and can’t even provide for a family because he’s a loser.

She wanted the lazy jobless Muslim OUT of their apartment.

She wanted him away from her child.

She wanted NOTHING to do with this Muslim man who would soon turn violent.

Shannon Reynolds was stabbed over 100 times by her Muslim ex-boyfriend
Shannon Reynolds was stabbed over 100 times by her Muslim ex-boyfriend

Jamiv Usman didn’t respond well to this. He was boiling over like a pot of hot water ready to soften egg noodles for dinner. Get the knife ready for the steak, because what happens next is absolute HORROR.

After all her requests and demands for the psychopath Muslim to leave, he had the nerve to ask her for a drink of water. Sounds reasonable if you’re an employed Muslim providing for his woman, but that wasn’t the case with this Allahu Akbar creep.

She said no and he literally tipped over like that pot of boiling water and BRUTALLY stabbed her over 100 times with a knife. He stabbed so hard that he BROKE THE KNIFE IN HER NECK!

Rightwing News – She wanted him out of her apartment and she told him to get out. Tensions were brewing and it eventually led Usman to stab Reynold’s over 100 times.

The last straw for Usman was when he asked her to get him a drink of water and she said no. That’s when he grabbed a big kitchen knife and plunged it into her body over 100 times in front of the toddler.

He stabbed her so hard that he broke the tip of the knife in her neck.

Amazingly, she survived.

She played dead.

He left.

She crawled to a bus stop and got help.

Eventually she healed and was able to identify her stabber and watch a judge order Usman to serve up to 20 years in prison.


The good news is that this strong woman survived and recovered to see her Muslim attacker thrown to the wolves in prison.

Hopefully the violent Muslim will serve his full 20 year sentence and learn his lesson in prison. Will he be shanked 100 times in the neck? Probably not. Those guys in prison know how to shank you once and make it count. The other 99 slashes would be for fun.

I bet Shannon Reynolds also got sick of him being unable to be a responsible adult who is an equal force in a relationship. What did he do for her? Nothing, it seems.

Muslim men are suppressors and oppressors. They’re like a woman’s worst nightmare. Why would any woman date a Muslim man? Don’t they know by now that Muslim men treat women worse than anything.

I’m sure he could’ve found another gullible girl to date on a dating site.

In fact, here’s a few ideas for dating sites specifically for Muslims! If these ever become a thing, then women can sign up to be abused, stabbed, and forced to drape themselves in a black 84-inch table cloth in 95 degree weather.

Dating site ideas for Muslims – who needs fish when you can have a barrel of burkas. – because what girl really signs up for this? – let the sparks fly…into a building of course! – go through 48 pages of questions to meet your perfect suicide partner. – Because SandPeopleMeet was already taken. – swipe left to explode.

MuslimWifeFinder – no girls, goats, and boys over 12 – lifetime guarantee.

Bomble – explosive dating for Muslim clock builders.

OKVest – strictly for suicide vests enthusiasts.

FarmersOnly – where else can we find a hefty supply of goats?

Oh look, I think we found a match! Sorry underage girls, boys, and goats – this one is taken for the next 20 years. Search again.


And if anyone is wondering about calculating the force of stabbing hard enough to break the tip off in a woman’s neck, then read this.

And when you know the answer to “what the f*ck is wrong with people” then please tell us.

We’re still searching for an answer.

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