Punk Resists Bailiff In Court – Judge DISROBES And Goes WWE ON HIM – WATCH!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event. Tonight’s match of L-A-W vs P-O-S can only be decided one way – he who hits the floor hardest LOSES and GOES TO JAIL!

On our left, we have the POS thug who violated a personal protection order. To our right, the honorable judge who’s about to toss that robe like a hot salad. (uh, what?)

The match begins with a typical day in court, then the thug throws a few verbal blows towards an increasingly agitated judge. The judge spouts back, throwing a warning out there – if this POS talks any more smack, he’s getting a year long smack down in the slammer.

The literal gloves come off, the thug POS spits more nonsense and refrains from following orders. Now the judge tosses the robe and runs over, ordering the officer to “tase his ass now” – but no luck. The POS submits and loses the bout.

One year in jail for this loss.

A little bit of scrutiny over tagging in the judge on this two vs one, but criminals don’t fight fair, so why should the law?

CBS NEWS – A Michigan judge who threw off his robe and helped restrain a defiant man in his courtroom says he was concerned about the safety of the man and a court officer.

The incident involving Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John McBain took place last December during a hearing about a personal protection order violation.

If you’re in court, and losing hard, then shut up. Anything you say can and will make your sentence worse. If you lose, then appeal. But by no means do you ever think running your mouth will get you OUT of a sentence by a judge. It doesn’t EVER work like that.

It’s like when you got in trouble as a kid, and your parents told you to shut up or you’re grounded longer, and your dumb self had to get about 12 last words in.

Grounded for about a month, right?


Know when to shut up and cut your losses, especially if you’re in front of a judge.

Appeal the right way, not with your verbal abuse and nonsense.

This dumb guy ran his mouth and turned a little sentence into an entire year.

Good job, stupid.

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