LOL! Punk Thought He Was Tough Until He Found Out THIS Guy Is An MMA Fighter – WATCH!

WHAT! This confrontation is insane!

It almost doesn’t even seem like it’s real! In the beginning you see two dudes just totally telling each other off, then they move in on each other and…ummm, passionately stand forehead to forehead together. You see dudes do it all the time when you know they are about to throw down but it’s very strange to watch…

I mean, imagine being head to head to a person you are yelling at…obviously your eyes are staring right at one another, you breath is getting all up close and personal, which means your lips are not even inches away from each other. It just seems so awkward!

I’VE NEVER UNDERSTOOD IT….but hey, it’s what they do so I guess it’s macho to them. Or something.


The one guy totally pulls a crazy suave MMA move on the other, knocking him down with hardly any effort WHILE STILL holding his bag of groceries like it was nothing!

As if that was not enough of an insult, the guy tries to make his way back up and once again gets WRECKED like he was an ant on the ground that got stomped out.

The first few hits were all fist and they are ugly, but the guy didn’t give up….he keeps getting up just to get PUT DOWN AGAIN! The last few where straight foot to face… OUCH!

This is nuts!

I have a question.

Why the heck does the dude keep getting up! There is no way to recover after that kind of a take down, not enough to save face at least. So why in the world would you get up and get wrecked over and over again! STAY DOWN, DUDE!

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