Punks Curb Check Boy’s Head When He Tried To Make This ONE Call (VIDEO)


A boy who appears to be in his teens was minding his own business one afternoon when a group of thugs with nothing to do started harassing him. The teen threatened to call 911 if they didn’t back off, but unfortunately that proclamation only sent these punks into a fit of rage. A witness to the incident didn’t help the kid out, but did capture the attack on tape.

Before unleashing a series of blows to the boy’s head, one bully is heard shouting, “I’m going to beat your ass!” Sadly, another assailant took that as a directive and started swinging. The victim fell to the ground where he endured the wrath of fury mostly targeted at his head.

Through the brief argument that took place, it seemed the thugs were particularly upset by the potential of officers coming around the neighborhood after the innocent teen simply stated he was going to call 911.

Since the video was originally posted on WorldStarHipHop.com on December 12, over 1 million viewers have watched it, many of whom shared their response to the attack. One viewer made a really good point (in his own words):

“[J]ust glad that wasnt a black kid and 2 white kids tryna beat him up. Or this s*** would be on the news and Al Sharpton would be on his way.”

This video — along with countless others that can be found online — goes to show the race outrage across the country is misdirected. This kid wasn’t looking for trouble and probably didn’t want any. After getting attacked, he managed to get up and walked away.

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Courtesy of Mad World News 

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