PURE EVIL: British Muslims Laugh at ISIS Execution Video While Eating at Restaurant

From GWP:

Islamists laugh at an ISIS execution video on a computer in a London restaurant.

The video was included in “The Jihadis Next Door” a documentary which airs Tuesday in Great Britain.

The New York Daily News reported, via Jihad Watch:

Two twisted Islamists were seen laughing in a London restaurant as they watched a gruesome ISIS execution video on a computer, finding humor in watching captives getting their heads blown off as they ate.

Images of the men come from a documentary, “The Jihadis Next Door,” which airs Tuesday on Britain’s Channel 4 station.

The men — Mohammed Shamsuddin and Abu Haleema — were associates of Siddhartha Dhar, a former bouncy castle salesman believed to be a masked militant in a recent ISIS execution video.

“It’s a horrible way to die,” Shamsuddin said while watching the video, chuckling, according to The Sun. “This guy is foaming at his mouth, you know what I mean. Wow.”

Filming for the documentary occurred during the past two years, before Dhar fled to Syria.

“One day, when the Sharia comes, you’ll see this black flag everywhere,” Dhar says in a video clip from the documentary.


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