PURE EVIL! Man’s Best Friend Treated Like Cargo – Hung and Dragged, Then THIS Happened!

Ugh. This is horrific. I can’t even watch the video. I cannot imagine anyone who calls themselves a human doing this to Any animal, let alone a poor dog. I wouldn’t even wish this fate on my worst enemy, except maybe the person who did this despicable thing. Horrific.  

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason… but one dog in Chile was treated in a way that was less than friendly. Instead, the dog was tortured to death by a monster.

From the Daily Mail:

A shocking video showing a dog being dragged across the road beside a moving pickup truck has caused outrage in Chile.

The clip was filmed by Janet Noseda, a psychologist who was travelling in the car behind with a male companion near the village of Alhue in the Santiago region.

The images show the white pickup driving down the road with the dog hanging out of the window by its neck, with its legs flailing just above the tarmac and its back dragging along the ground.

Ms Noseda alleges that the dog died during the abuse, from asphyxiation or due to the physical shock of the road tearing away its skin.

Although the driver of the car she is travelling in sounds his horn at the white truck several times and apparently tried to overtake it in an attempt to make the other driver stop, it kept on accelerating.

The abuse went on for several minutes before the dog reportedly died.

She said later that the car she was in had blood and flesh stains on it from the body of the animal that was being dragged on the tarmac.

Sadly, it appears that this person’s cruelty will go unpunished. But hopefully they will be haunted by that dog’s final moments for the rest of their lives.

Via Right Wing News

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