PUTIN DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN: Making It Rain Down a White Phosphorus Christmas for ISIS


Russian President warned there would be a price to pay… he’s starting to cash that check!  It’s going to be a White Christmas for ISIS!

via DailyMail: Numerous reports claim that russia has dropped deadly white phosphorus on civilians in northwest Syria, as its intensive bombing campaign against isis continues.

Horror: The photographs were uploaded to Twitter by an activist working with 'innocent civilians' in Raqqa. She described the airstrike as a 'war crime' 

The chemical weapon is banned under the Geneva Convention, because it is highly toxic and can burn through flesh and bone.

White phosphorus, an incendiary also known as WP, is used by armies to illuminate targets during the night or as a smokescreen during the day.

Claims: Although the photographs haven’t been verified, citizen journalists from the Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently network alleged ‘that airstrikes targeted Raqqa today with phosphorus’

Shocking images posted to Twitter show the sky allegedly filled with the potentially deadly weapon, as it rains down on the de-facto capital of ISIS, Raqqa. 

Mr Obama stressed the importance of russia targeting isis militants in Syria, as part of its intensive bombing campaign, and not focusing military attacks against rebel groups who oppose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Incendiary: Airstrikes believed to have been carried out by Russian warplanes killed at least 18 civilians and wounded dozens more on Sunday in a northern Syrian town held by insurgents, Syrian opposition media reported

The U.S. President also expressed regret over the recent death of Oleg Peshkov, the Russian pilot whose warplane was shot down a Russian warplane at its border with Syria by a Turkish missile.

The plane downing triggered Moscow’s deployment of an advanced missile system to Syria. Obama encouraged de-escalation between russia and Turkey, the official said.

The meeting came as activists revealed Russian airstrikes have killed more civilians than isis fighters in Syria since the start of its devastating bombing campaign two months ago.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimate that 1,502 people have been killed in Russian airstrikes in Syria.


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