Putin Responds To Trump Win: Russia Is Ready And Wants To Restore Relations With U.S. [VIDEO]

For all we’ve been told about Donald Trump’s supposedly violent rhetoric, a vote for him is peace, while a vote for Hillary is a vote for war.

All it took was Wikileaks releasing hacked documents damning to the Hillary camp for her to lose it. Operating on the baseless assumption that Russia was behind the hack, she started pumping out conspiracy theories – almost going as far as to call for war with Russia.

Yes – not ISIS. No Al-Qaeda. Russia.

What kind of priorities are those? If we’re going to fight a war, at least have it be with an enemy.

I suppose I shouldn’t have had much faith in Clinton’s ability for diplomacy with Russia anyway. Remember, she’s a woman who once presented a Russian minister with a literal “reset button” to try to mend relations between our countries. The button also happened to be misspelled.

Thank God we have Trump. The Russian public has an overwhelmingly positive view of the man – and Putin also admires him. That’s a recipe for success that Hillary wouldn’t have in trying to be diplomatic with Russia.

As News Ninja reported:

Russian President Vladimir Putin just responded to President Elect Donald Trump‘s election win by declaring he wants to restore working relations with the United States and his country is ready to do that. Putin also remarked that it was not his country’s fault for the breakdown between the two countries.

Watch below (at 14:36):

“(Trump) spoke about resuming and restoring relations with Russia. We understand the way to that will be difficult, taking into account the current state of degradation of relations between the US and Russia,”he stated.

Putin also sent Trump a telegram shortly after his victory congratulating him on his victory. Hillary has long accused Trump of communicating and conspiring with Putin during this election, but that appears to be the first time Putin reached out to Trump.

It’s about time we had Russia as an ally – and by electing Trump, we may have just prevented World War III.

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