What Queen Elizabeth Just Did For Trump Makes Obama Look Like A Fool

Queen Elizabeth wasted no time in getting word to President-elect Donald Trump that a personal invite would be on the way after he is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. I bet she can’t wait for Obama to be out of office. He’s hated in Britain and his lack of respect for the Queen and his crappy gifts to her are legendary. Nigel Farage has been hanging out with Trump a great deal. They have been working together to create an American movement like Brexit and have succeeded at it. Now, Trump is moving the bust of Winston Churchill back into the Oval Office. Our oldest ally is breathing a huge sigh of relief that the Marxist is leaving.

Our ties with Britain have been severely strained over the last eight years. Now with Brexit and a new President, we can forge new, stronger trade relations. The Queen is sure to take to Trump. President Trump is a huge admirer of the Queen and can’t wait to visit. He has also invited British Prime Minister Theresa May for a stateside visit. It looks like our new President was working diplomatic relations from the very start. There is far more warmth extended to Trump than was ever the case with Obama.

From TheBlaze:

Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain is reportedly planning to personally invited President-elect Donald Trump to England for a state visit next year, according to the Sunday Times.

The Queen is expected to extend her invitation to Trump shortly after his inauguration on Jan. 20. The visit is expected to take place sometime next summer.

The meeting is an attempt to ensure that the U.S. and England maintain their excellent diplomatic relationship. According to the Times, England’s government considers the Queen to be their “secret weapon” to maintain London’s close ties with Washington.

And given that England is preparing to leave the European Union sometime next year, England’s government expects the relationship between the U.S. and Britain to strengthen as London looks to enter into bilateral trade deals with the U.S.

Britain is a vital ally not only in macro economics but in geopolitical matters. Bilateral trade and investment with Britain is critical to both our countries.

No expense is being spared to roll out the red carpet for a President Trump visit in the summer of 2017. This time, I have no doubt the presents and respect will be appropriate on both sides. Now, if we can just live down the monstrous embarrassment that Obama was, we can get on with things.

British officials and Trump’s Transition Team have drawn up plans to cement a date in June or July of next year for the visit. The Queen will also send an official congratulatory message to the President to mark the inauguration. Details of the planning were revealed by two ministers and a senior official close to Downing Street.

Trump and the Queen are all smiles when they speak of each other. It’s a refreshing change from the tenseness and unpleasantness that was the Obama administration. This is long overdue and a relationship that badly needed mending. Britain wants to solidify trade deals with us now that Brexit is a reality for them. They also want to confab with Trump on NATO, Syria and other foreign affairs. America will no doubt for the first time in a long time have her best interests represented by President Trump.


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