QUESTION – Do You Support Patriotic Bikers DEFENDING Trump’s Inauguration?

The days are counting down until the inauguration of Donald Trump, and you can bet that there are liberal kooks all ready to protest it.

Enter: The Million Woman March. What started as a viral idea on social media has snowballed into a potentially massive event, with more than 100,000 people already saying on Facebook that they plan to attend. It has the potential to be the biggest protest that America has seen in response to a presidential inauguration. About 60,000 people protested Richard Nixon’s 1973 inauguration at the height of the Vietnam War, and a couple thousand protested George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration.

Now, maybe it’s all hype. Do we really expect 100,000 people to show up and protest Trump? I mean, I realize liberals are lazy, but are there really 100,000 jobless losers who can afford to take a trip down to D.C. Well, if they are, there’s resistance waiting for them.

As the Angry Patriot Movement reported:

Approximately two million bikers are planning to arrive in Washington, D.C. by January 20, 2017. The patriotic bikers are volunteering to attend President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration to enhance safety during the event.

The bikers have stated they want to thwart efforts by “libtards” to ruin the Donald Trump’s inauguration, Right Alerts Polls reports. Do you support their efforts to prevent the ceremony from erupting into chaos?

Their Facebook event page lays out the plan:

“Details are in the works, but we want to be in D.C. to welcome President Donald Trump and to stop the liberals from ruining the welcoming event. This is not only a biker event but it is a Trump Supporters event. We are many and varied but we unite as one.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, liberal activists have launched the “DisruptJ20” to hamper Trump’s swearing in by virtually any means possible. The Bikers for Trump Guardians of Our Republic group is willing to step in and offer protection to the millions of proud Americans planning to come to the capital to watch the 45th president of the United States be sworn into office.

Two million sounds like a bitch much – especially because such a feat would require nearly an entire percentage of our nation to descend on Washington, but even if they were to get a fraction of that, it would far eclipse the number of liberal protestors.

What do you all think? Is their presence necessary at Trump’s inauguration? Considering the violence we’ve seen from far-left protestors thus far this election, I’d say so!

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