Rabid Muslim Refugees Try To Take Whatever They Want Until Female Cashier Steps In With Nasty Surprise

Muslim refugees are flooding countries around the globe lately. They have been given special treatment and status which empowers them. Sadly, they now think that they can get away with anything and no one will stop them. Well, one Muslim refugee thought he was entitled to free groceries, after all, who would stop him? This refugee thought that he could easily overpower the petite cashier standing in his way, however, he was very wrong.

Security footage has emerged that shows this tiny woman kicking the ass out of a thieving refugee. The incident took place in a K-Mart in Helsinki, Finland where this refugee thought he had the upper hand. The young woman named Anna defended herself and the store against this disgusting thief.

Thieving refugees do not want to mess with this cashier.

Watch Anna spring into action right here.

In the video, you can see the woman go after the refugee who is trying to make a quick getaway. She is seen grabbing at the groceries, and eventually, he grows weary of her and runs away. However, that is not the only time she defends the store in this video. Later on, Anna is seen fighting off another pair of migrants with just a can of pepper spray and nerves of steel.

“I’m not scared,” said Anna in an interview with MV Lehti, “Pepper spray is a strong defense. Adrenaline kicked in, and I just dragged him back inside.”

Of course, the left would say that these poor migrants are just hungry and need food, but Anna says not true.

“They do this so brazenly. Most often they steal alcohol, which is not a necessity, and not, for example, something essential such as food. It’s frustrating.”

Thankfully, Anna’s employer is proud of her and so am I. This woman is awesome and I would love to shake her hand. These people are not poor and helpless but are savages that will never assimilate.

I am glad that this woman gave them a taste of their own medicine, and hopefully, it is a lesson they will not forget soon.

H/T [ Pamela Geller ]

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