Rabid Protesters Set WRONG Car On Fire After It Blows Up In Their Faces — Should Have Seen Who Was Driving It!

Over the weekend, butt-hurt from the left was at an all-time high, as violent protesters took  to the streets to riot during Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Thousands of masked rioters physically assaulted Trump supporters and even lit one girl’s hair on fire, while they smashed and destroyed anything and everything in their path. But during the massive chaos, these idiots didn’t realize whose car they had lit on fire during the mayhem, until it was too late.

As we’ve seen over the years, Muslims and Liberals share a unique bond because of the hatred that they both share for America. Whenever a terrorist goes on a killing spree these bleeding-heart morons will be the first to defend the actions of the Muslim terrorist, while labeling anyone who speaks out against the atrocity as “bigots” and “racists.” But when these liberal idiots took to the streets to make Trump supporters “pay” for not choosing Hillary during the election, little did they know the target of their rage was one of their own.

According to breaking reports, the limousine that was set ablaze during the anti-Trump protests was the  livelihood of none other than a Muslim immigrant named Muhammad Ashraf, whose business is now completely destroyed by the violent act of the liberals who usually have his back.

“Ashraf explained that with the loss of the vehicle, his company is now in the hole for $70,000 (if insurance doesn’t cover riots) plus commission and the medical bills for his driver,” Milo reported.

Right after smashing doors and windows in the areas, the protesting douches then turned their attention to the limo, where they began pounding the car and throwing bricks and rocks in Muhammad’s direction. The driver ended up going to the hospital after suffering from cuts on his face and arms from the glass that was shattered from the projectiles that were thrown.

People on social media immediately began pointing out the irony of the attack by the Social Justice Warriors:


limo2Now thanks to these inbred morons, one man’s entire livelihood is completely ruined. Good job, liberals! Keeping it classy as usual! “Social justice warriors” MY ASS!

H/T [Milo Yiannopoulos]


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