Race Mob Surrounds Cop, Shouts “Start,” Then Cop Feels Something Around His Throat

This happened a year ago, but is a great example of the threats police officers face while doing their jobs out there. In Madison, Wisconsin, a mother and daughter were arrested after assaulting a police officer. He was trying to come between the mother and another man. The woman hauled off and punched the man in the face and then threatened him with a can of pepper spray.

The police officer intervened and tried to take her into custody. That’s when the real festivities kicked in. A cop-hating mob surrounded him quickly and began slinging racial slurs at him and threatening to kill him. He tried to patiently explain to them why the woman was being arrested. That’s when her daughter attacked the police officer.

From the Conservative Tribune:

A mother and daughter were recently arrested in Madison, Wisconsin, after assaulting a police officer who was trying to break up a fight between the mother and a man.

The officer approached the crowd after he witnessed the woman punch the man in the face before brandishing and threatening to use a can of pepper spray on him.

As the officer attempted to take the woman into custody he was quickly surrounded and overwhelmed by the unruly mob, which then began chanting racially charged, threatening anti-cop rhetoric, including, “We need to start killing these officers.”

As they grappled, the woman punched the officer in the face and grabbed him by the throat. Not long after this, his backup arrived and carted off the mother/daughter duo. One witness told the police that the officer was in trouble before they got there and someone in the crowd tried to go for his gun. The whole thing could have ended very badly and the officer could have died. This time, he was lucky. This is why I think police officers should always be in pairs these days.

Several members of the crowd were filming the incident with their cellphones while accusing the officer of misconduct and excessive force, despite the fact that the woman was punching and choking the officer. “He demonstrated fantastic patience and restraint in dealing with these folks,” Madison Police Department Cpt. Vic Wahl said. “He was able to literally get assaulted in the midst of a large crowd and still take these women into custody without causing any injuries to anyone.” Which by the way, I consider a minor miracle all in itself.

Forty year-old Latonya James reportedly threatened to kill the arresting officer numerous times and has been charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, possession of pepper spray, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Wonder if they can charge her with being a dumbass too? Daughter Nanyamka James, 20, faced charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and has been placed on a parole hold.

That is one brave officer for keeping his cool while his life was threatened. Personally, I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had shot them.


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