Race Rioter Tries to Block Traffic, Gets Exactly What You’d Expect (VIDEO)


As we have watched the racially-motivated anti-police protests that are occurring nationwide, we have come to notice certain tactics preferred by the protesters.

One such tactic is to block traffic on major roads with large crowds of demonstrators.

Although they maintain that they are protesting peacefully, this tactic can seem decidedly un-peaceful to those people trapped inside their vehicles in the midst of angry, chanting crowds.

In a few instances, we have seen these crowds threaten drivers who are trapped, resulting in guns being drawnand people being run over.

That is exactly what happened during a recent protest in Portland, Ore., in which a protester had his foot run over by an SUV that he was blocking, according to Defund.

About 15 minutes after it happened, the driver of the SUV, Thomas Munsey, called 911 and admitted that he was the driver involved in running over 19-year-old protester Julian Rist’s foot.

Munsey told the police that he drove through the crowd to escape because he feared for the safety of himself and his family.

Because Rist was not in a designated crosswalk, he was cited for improperly being in the road. It is unknown if Munsey will be charged for his role in the accident.

Hopefully the driver won’t be charged with any crime, as he was acting in self-defense. Any protestors that choose to illegally block roads are taking a calculated risk that they won’t be run over, and as such have no room to make any claims when it happens.

We here at Conservative Tribune fully support and endorse the right of people to peaceably assemble and protest. However, the right to protest does not include the right to block traffic and infringe upon the rights of other citizens to travel freely in a safe and secure manner, and certainly doesn’t include a right to threaten the safety and security of innocent people.

If people want to play in traffic, then they assume the risk of getting run over, and deserve exactly what they get.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune 

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