Many of the protesters in Ferguson, Mo., and throughout the nation who claim to be fighting racial injustice actually have other motives.

This should come as no surprise, as threats of violence against police officers and their families have little to do with curing social ills.

Neither does the detonation of pipe bombs or setting fire to private property, but that hasn’t stopped the supposedly peaceful demonstrators from trying those things, either.

Since the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, protesters have displayed the American flag flying upside-down — the symbol of a nation in distress.

Not our favorite way to see the flag flown, but arguably a defensible way for people who believe that America has serious problems to express their concern in a way that could at least be understood to respect the flag and the country it represents.

But showing respect is not what these demonstrators were about.

After the grand jury decision was released Monday night exonerating Wilson of any wrongdoing in the shooting, protesters in Oakland, Calif., showed their true colors by publicly burning the American flag — not a sign of concern for a beloved nation in distress, but a signal of their rejection of American liberty and values.

flag burning 2 flag burning 1

These protesters have the right under the First Amendment to express themselves, of course.

But how they chose to do so is telling.

Many of these demonstrators are undoubtedly sincere in their desire for greater social justice and increased accountability for law enforcement, neither of which is necessarily a bad goal.

But some are not, as these events show.

Questioning the government is a patriotic act. But burning the flag that represents not the government, but the unified nation, is not.

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