In one of the most prominent displays of racism to result from the aftermath of the non-indictment of white police officer Darren Wilson, an unofficial, all-black grand jury will be called to re-try the case of the shooting of Mike Brown using the same evidence that a real grand jury already reviewed and decided on.

Since the real grand jury had nine white people and only three blacks on it, the African People’s Socialist Party believes that the outcome was, you guessed it, racist.

Not that having an all-black grand jury isn’t racist. Not at all.

Omali Yeshitela, the leader of the African People’s Socialist Party, has called for the all-black grand jury because he’s sure the outcome of the all-black grand jury will be different than the official, already-convened mixed-race one.

You don’t say?

The new all-black grand jury will convene in early January and has already called the former Ferguson police officer to testify.

We suggest not betting any money on his showing up. (H/T YoungCons)

When asked about the all-black grand jury and why he thought it was necessary, Omali said, “What it does is educates and informs our people that two bodies came together, examined the same set of evidence, and were able to come to different conclusions.”

Again, he’s confident that an all-black jury will come to a different conclusion versus the white officer.

He continued with, “Therefore, the only thing standing between us and our ability to carry out the will of the people is to change this relationship that exists between us and the armed state apparatus that controls us.”

Black community leaders claim that holding an all-black grand jury will put “justice,” or at least what they perceive as justice, “back in to the hands of black people.”

Older readers will remember that it wasn’t so very long ago that racist whites convened unofficial “kangaroo” courts to try blacks. Of course the verdicts were always determined ahead of time and were always “guilty.” It’s unclear how the principle is any different here. Racism is racism.

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