KARMA: Hilarious Photo Of Rachel Maddow Being Served With LAWSUIT

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC revealed the President’s 2005 tax returns on one of her nightly segments this past week.

She posted on social media the same day in an attempt to garner huge ratings. However, her attempt failed. As she only delivered one tax return when giving the impression she had them all. Now liberals and conservatives alike are trashing her.

A gentleman named Larry Klayman has filed a defamation lawsuit against the television anchor. Klayman is the founder and operator of the Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch. Both conservatively libertarian websites that keep a lookout for corruption and falsehoods in the mainstream media. After all, it is a rampant issue with today’s modern day media.

Klayman is well known for his public interest advocacy work in the realm of ethics, individual freedom, liberties, and government. He was the first attorney to obtain documented proof that President Bill Clinton committed a crime.

Maddow is going to have to answer for obtaining and then showing the Presidents personal tax returns. Which is a violation of federal law and a crime that is punishable by the court system. The worst part about it for her is that the tax returns didn’t actually make the President look bad.

It showed the President paid close to twenty-five percent in income tax. Which is a far cry from the zero percent many were arguing he pays. A lot of liberals were saying this is why he refused to release the taxes. Because he did not want to have to admit he pays no taxes or is not as wealthy as he says he is.

But the tax forms prove that he is both financially successful as well as income tax payer. The biggest fail of all goes to Maddow. No wonder her ratings have been tanking after her tax release segment that never was. Now she might have to pay the piper for defamation in court and with her checkbook.

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