LOL! Racist Black Panther General Shot At Police, Immediately Gets SMOKED By The Popo!

General Minister Houdari Juelani 1

Another racist, BLM pos taken DOWN by the police. Awesome.

On Thursday, officers in Belleville, Illinois were responding to a disturbance call when they encountered 35-year-old Angelo Brown, according to St. Louis Today.

The person who called 911 told the dispatcher that Brown was drunk, and that he had a firearm.

When the officers arrived, they found Brown in the doorway of an apartment. When Brown saw the officers, he ran behind the apartment, with his gun. The officers gave chase.

West Pheasantwood Court Apartments where Angelo Brown was shot & killed by police after he fired at them. (Photo by Laurie Skrivan
West Pheasantwood Court Apartments where Angelo Brown was shot & killed by police after he fired at them. (Photo by Laurie Skrivan [email protected])

Brown 3As soon as the two officers got to the rear of the apartment, Brown began firing at them. Both officers responded by firing back, hitting Brown multiple times. Brown was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.




The kicker? Angelo Brown was a general in the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, according to their site.

General Minister Houdari Juelani memorial

Brown’s memorial on the site reads:

The RBPP mourns the lost of our National Minister of Defense HQ, General Houdari Juelani (Angelo Brown)

General Houdari Juelani (Angelo Brown), was a US MILITARY Veteran an 11BRAVO (Infantrymen), who served his entire enlistment with honors. He earned a bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. A hard working father of 13 children whom depended on his support, love, guidance and positive, friendly and upright life. He lived a clean life, according to the RBPP Policy, Protocol, Position & Procedures and the RBPP Platform, no drugs, no alcohol but a upright disciplined brother.

He was a HIGH RANKING GENERAL in the RBPP he was a National Minister of Defense HQ, the highest level of external security and defense in the RBPP. He served the RBPP with honors and is a recipient of the Purple Akoma for dedicated service, and fulfilling the RBPP mission which is to FEED, CLOTHES, SHELTER, TRAIN & DEFEND OUR PEOPLE! General Houdari is now an ancestor, of no volition of his own.

He was murdered, by the 28 Hour Cycle of Black Genocide, by the hands of vehement murderers. And his murder, will not be in vain. Murdered June 23, 2016.

Well, I guess the alcohol thing is BS as it was reported he was drunk at the time he shot at the officers.

In true, racist, Black Panther fashion, Brown equated “black power” with good, and “white power” with racism. Here’s an animated picture he posted to the internet:
black panther jones meme

Morale to the story? Don’t be a cop hating, racist thug & shoot at police. You’ll more likely than not live to be around to take care of your 13 kids (Come to think of it, that’s a damn lot of kids. Wonder how much government assistance he got every month?).

At any rate, share the good feels! Another racist, BLM thug off the streets. Go Blue! 😉

cop shooting lol

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