Bad News For Busta Rhymes After What He Said About Trump In The Middle Of His Grammy Performance

Oops! Busta Ryhmes…that one rapper from that one time when he did that one thing…no, just kidding he hasn’t done anything worth noting. Sadly for him, that includes last night’s failed attempt at earning the love and adoration of libtards who tuned in to watch that one award show singers put on for themselves to make themselves feel important. Ah yes, ‘The Grammys’

For Busta it’s a little closer to ‘The Grampies’ …

You’re welcome, I’m here all night folks.



Still not as much of a fail as Busta Rhymes’ joke of a performance last night though, it was tasteless.

How about a part of his opening statement being.. “President Orange Agent”

If I were a liberal, I’d be so triggered right now…but I’m not, so instead I’m almost embarrassed for him, and craving me a nice steak dinner.

At this point, is it much of a surprise when brain dead celebrities try to burn Trump using the most vulgar type of insults? Nope, it’s not. I used to want to slap people for being so ignorant, but then thought to myself…

Girl, would you slap a mentally challenged person?

Hell no…so why would I slap them. They are indeed mentally challenged. So instead, they have my permission to go slap themselves.

Here, check out the performance, and enjoy the commentary.

Just incase you couldn’t understand the dirtbag…I shall quote him.

“I wanna thank President Agent Orange for perpetuating all the evil that you’ve been perpetuating throughout the United States. I wanna thank President Agent Orange for your unsuccessful attempt at the Muslim ban. Now we come together!”

Silly celebrities…when will you learn to use your words properly? It is not a Muslim ban….for the 100th time, it is a ban on countries that OBAMA and his people said are hotbeds for terrorism. Also… ah hell, nevermind.

Their heads are too far up their ass to comprehend reality. Either way, if they get their way and all the terrorists come in playing the part of refugees…so be it.

Because…remember who doesn’t have guns? Yes, the liberals. No food storage, no guns, no fight, no courage, zero heroism unless keyboard warriors count…no backbone. All they have now are their ‘safe places’ which will be the first things to go if they get their way.

The thought makes me chuckle a little bit.

I’d say Busta owes us a huge ‘thank you’ … while every other star is getting the fame and glory of being douchebags for their political hits against Trump, Busta is receiving no love from libtards.

So, I guess… you’re welcome Busta.

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