Racist Girls From The HOOD Pick On Wrong White Girl (VIDEO)


Right here. This right here is what is wrong with people. There is a word to describe it as well… ‘STUPID’

Don’t ever instigate a situation because you’re too ‘stupid’ to be a normal functioning human being, then get your crap pushed in.

Know what I’m saying? Here…watch this first. You’ll get it then.

I’m not sure how after 200 years, some of us still cannot speak English, but what I did catch from that brawl is the words…

“I am getting sick of you talking about my Sister”

So…these girls, the instigators of the whole situation first run their fat mouths like they own the place then start getting physical, beating up a little girl and trying to beat up her older Sister?

On top of that…the ‘MEN’ in the situation just stand back and film the entire thing doing nothing but speaking out of their buttholes.

What has happened to society? We got girls acting like savage cavemen, men acting like spineless cowards, and no one with a moral compass to be found.

It’s sickening.

BUT… all is not lost. At the very least, there was one person that tried to take the high road out and when she got dragged into the drama of buffoons she WRECKED them.

Atta girl.