WATCH: Racist Man Loses It After Police Issue Ticket For Illegally Parking In Disabled Space (VIDEO)

The liberal media can’t shut up about alleged acts of police racism. Those in the Black Lives Matter seem to think that everyone in law enforcement is conspiring against African-Americans, even though there are more white people shot by police in this country than blacks.

Seldom do we see the opposite: someone being racist against a police officer. Trust me, it happens all the time, but you’ll never hear someone in the BLM crowd express sympathy for them. Here’s just one of those cases, as reported by Conservative Outfitters:

The worker has been identified as an employee of Solid Waste Management Services. The police officer hasn’t yet been identified. The officer is assumed to be black, because he was referred to as an “uncle Tom” at one point. The dictionary definition of an “uncle Tom” is “a black person who is eager to win the approval of white people and willing to co-operate with them.” In other words: somebody who obeys and enforces the law in these people’s eyes.

Despite complaining that “You know this guy’s ([the cop] asked me for my driver’s licence and insurance over a f—— parking space,” she also acknowledges that she broke the law in parking in a handicapped spot to run in the store and grab a lottery ticket.

I’m not sure what this person thought they would gain by filming the confrontation and threatening to post it to the internet. Do these idiots actually think that the general public condones this sort of behavior?

There’s a reason that the overwhelming majority of black people prefer the phrase “all lives matter” to “black lives matter” – and that’s because they don’t want to be associated with the crazies like the woman in this video.

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