Racist Mob Beats Trump Supporter Almost To Death On Tape, Local News Offers SICK Excuse For It

Yet another incident of black on white crime has occurred. While this type of criminal activity might have gone unnoticed under the Obama administration it surely will not under the Trump administration.

Last week on February 25th approximately a dozen black suspects savagely attacked two white males outside of Elsa’s Kettering Sports Grill. It is located in the Dayton suburb in Kettering. While the first white man was attacked the suspect who beat him was screaming anti-Donald Trump statements.

When Lee Jackson tried helping the white man being attacked he was pinned down to the ground. He was punched in the face numerous times and placed on the top of a car hood. Due to injuries sustained from the attack, Jackson was admitted to the hospital and suffered a fractured eye socket. The ultimate result of his injuries is unknown.

Channel 2 in Dayton tried downplaying the attack by saying it was simply a crowd of rowdy people.

Channel 7 only called it a fight and an altercation. Despite the fact that this was clearly a hate crime. It is unknown if the perpetrators have been arrested and charged with anything.

The two men who were attacked were also videotaped while the beat down occurred.

This is exactly what the liberal culture has created. A bunch of spoiled, whiny, children who can’t deal with the fact that Donald Trump won the election. Instead of dealing with it like adults they beat the crap out of innocent people.

Hopefully, under the Trump administration, we will see people like this punished more severely than ever before. Especially considering his reverence for law enforcement. Perhaps then it will deter them from partaking in such ridiculous behavior. If they aren’t punished for their crimes then why would they stop? That sentiment certainly applies to this example.

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