Racist Muslim Tries To Firebomb Police — Immediately Regrets His Decision (VIDEO)


From Mad World: Violent clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims have reached an epicenter of devastating proportions, as millions from the religion of peace have declared jihad on the enemies of Allah. No matter how aggressive, intolerant, and racist Muslims may get, the mainstream media make martyrs and victims of them, even when it comes to barbaric jihadists.

Because of constant attacks on civilians and military, Israel spends more on national security than any other country in the Middle East, shelling out over one-fifth of their overall budget on defense. The tiny country is not only the size of New Jersey, but the only Jewish state in the world, and the only free country in the Middle East.

Still, the Arab settlers who have infiltrated Israel have an insatiable appetite for Jewish blood, which results in daily terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens. However, because of their superior technology and military, the Middle Eastern oasis is ready for the primitive terrorism perpetuated by the very Palestinians they support.

Recently, a hateful Muslim rioter decided he would attack some police officers with a homemade firebomb. Little did he know that he was in store for a big surprise.

According to United With Israel, a Palestinian “rioter” (code for “Muslim terrorist”) joined in the aggression against IDF and Border Police officers this week in Hebron. The Muslim attacker attempted to throw a firebomb at officers, but things didn’t go as planned.

Upon releasing his Molotov cocktail, the Arab protestor went up in flames. His head and shoulders caught fire, and, despite his attempts, could not be extinguished.

Although the state of the amateur Palestinian terrorist is unclear, it’s safe to say that he suffered some painful burns and probably quite a bit of hair loss at the very minimum.

Racist Muslim Tries To Firebomb Police — Immediately Regrets His Decision

Racist Muslim Tries To Firebomb Police — Immediately Regrets His Decision

The plight of the Israelis is still ignored by the mainstream media, which glorifies the Muslim terrorists. Israeli civilians are attacked daily by aggressive Palestinians, who publicly celebrate their latest kills.

The Palestinians, who receive countless Israeli benefits, incite their own children to slaughter Jews in the streets. Just this week, two Muslim teen boys brutally stabbed a 13-year-old Israeli. However, this hate crime was ignored by the mainstream media, which instead falsely reported that one of the terrorist minors was “executed” by IDF.

Ahmad Mansara, 13, is seen being hand-fed in an Israeli hospital bed. The Palestinian terrorist stabbed a 13-year-old Israeli boy, but receives exceptional care, as do all wounded Palestinians in Israeli.

On the contrary, the Palestinian boy was treated alongside his poor victim by an Israeli hospital. This almost unconscionable treatment of Palestinian terrorists is common in Israel, whereas in Palestine, Israelis are immediately slaughtered in the most horrific manners.

The world has a vendetta against Israel, but it remains a beacon of freedom and indomitable humanity, despite being surrounded by a conglomerate of nations that seek its destruction.

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