Racist NBA Player LeBron James Just Ended His Sports Career With HUGE ‘F You’ To Trump Today

The basketball season is preparing to start back up in less than two months, but one of the best players in the NBA may not make it to his first preseason game in October.

“The King on the court” player for the Cleveland, Cavaliers, LeBron James, may know a lot about the game of basketball, but just made losing shot at our president that destroy his career as he knows it. The liberal player should have just stuck to what he’s good at, but made the huge mistake of turning on President Donald Trump publicly and inserting his opinion where nobody wanted it.

While the fallout was just beginning to unfold for another major sports player, NFL running back Marshawn Lynch with the Raiders, James decided to get in on the racist, anti-American action. While Lynch was rightfully obliterated for sitting out the National Anthem at his first game of the season, James chimed in with his sick perception about Trump.

Basketball players should be enjoying their off season right now, but James must have been in the mood to ruin his reputation instead when he saw the perfect opportunity to do so. This can’t be good for when he heads back out onto the court and hopes to be cheered on with the same level of respect he went out of the season with.

While he has earned recognition for being the youngest player to make a total of 24,000 points, he lost more than that with red-blooded Americans today. In the aftermath of the horror that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia this past Saturday that devolved into a deadly riot, James had a different reaction than most level-headed citizens.

James boarded the anti-Trump train this weekend of putting blame on the president and should prepare for sitting the bench starting in October.

Rather than using his fame and notoriety to unite the country in this dangerous time of divisiveness, James made it worse.

Sports Illustrated explains:

LeBron James took to Twitter Saturday to voice his displeasure with the violence and white nationalist rallying taking place in Charlottesville, Va. this weekend, and appeared to take a pointed swipe at President Donald Trump as well.

James, who has been famously outspoken on social issues in the past, expressed his sadness at the weekend’s events and made a reference to Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan, appearing to punctuate it with a sense of frustration. The white nationalists openly and verbally aligned themselves with Trump’s campaign rhetoric, with some Charlottesville marchers yelling “Heil Trump” while also parroting antiquated, racist sentiment.

James conveniently ignored the fact that the majority of conservatives and the president himself condemned what was done in Charlottesville in making his Twitter rant:

There were several directions James could have gone in the aftermath of a horrific tragedy as this, and he chose to prove he’s just another uneducated multi-millionaire athlete who is okay with perpetuating the problem in this country.

Choosing to side with other athletes like Marshawn Lynch and Colin Kaepernick, probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. After all, Kaepernick is now unemployable and a cancer to the NFL.

Fans are fed up sports stars and celebrities voicing their opinion and misusing their status. They completely disregard that part of getting paid millions as a public figure is that you have a responsibility to the impressionable young people who look up to you and learn from their actions.

His statements send a message that it’s cool to hate the president and act out because of it. Where was James’ condemnation of the anti-Trump protesters who made a bad situation in Charlottesville worse? He couldn’t call them out and blame the president in the same sentence. How come he didn’t profess that “our youth deserve better” when they were fighting in they were looting stores in Baltimore and burning buildings?

More importantly, the basketball player who enjoys an exceptionally profitable career also didn’t care that he probably offended a good portion of his fan base. However, he did prove how ignorant he is in blaming the president for something he had no part in, while not placing the same blame on Barack Obama for all the death and destruction Black Lives Matter played in our country.

The kids in this country do deserve better — better role models for them to look up to. Ones who promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work. Not one who blames horrific acts on the sitting president simply for having voted for a different candidate.

h/t: [YoungConservatives]

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