Look At What Happened To ALL 4 Racist Rats Hours After Checking Into Jail — LATER, HATERS!

Four African American young adults were arrested on felony hate crime charges among other charges for torturing and kidnapping a disabled white eighteen year old man. The media has largely unreported on the issue. Clearly because it does not fit their liberal narrative of oppression towards African American people. Now, the four criminals asked to be released on a bond when appearing before the judge.

Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil responded,

Cook County Circuit Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil stated the following,

“I find each of you a danger to yourself and society.”

The judge went on to express a lack of understanding how these kids who hold jobs, attend school, and in one case care for a brother in a wheelchair could partake in such a vicious crime. She could not allow such heinous acts to go unresolved and refused bail.

There is a reason hate crime legislation is in act. The videos of the attack that were streamed onto Facebook Live show the suspects yelling, “F— Donald Trump,” and “F— white people.” When reporters spoke to the grandmother of one of the perpetrators she insisted they were her grandchildren but that they were not raised that way. Instead, they were raised right.

Well, clearly something went wrong. Because people who were raised right and are right in the head do not commit horrible acts of atrocity against people who are vulnerable. When pushed further she apologized to the victims family on television saying she was very, very sorry.

Hopefully a conviction and long sentence comes after the refusal to give bail. A harsh stance is rightfully already being taken and when they are finally held accountable for their crimes the punishment should fit it. Anything less than 5-10 years would be completely unacceptable and a mockery.

Only time will tell how they are held accountable. Because surely the liberal mainstream media will not hold them responsible.

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