A picture was taken of a truck that had a controversial phrase on the back of it, but it raised a really good question. It’s since been burning up the internet.

According to the Conservative Tribune, the picture was uploaded to Twitter by user “Callisto1947,” then shared to Facebook by author Larry Elder.“Ferguson! Put Your Hands Down & Go To Work!” the sign reads. Of course, the typical liberal outrage followed, including accusations of racism, but it’s to be expected at this point I suppose. Such accusations are certainly starting to lose their effect though, as it seems just about everything is race-related in one way or another in the twisted mind of a liberal.It’s unclear where exactly the picture was taken, but it does beg a very good question – do the protesters in Ferguson actually have jobs?

As the Tribune notes, it wouldn’t appear that way. In fact, it seems as if many have made protesting and looting their full-time gig, which makes me wonder what it’s costing the taxpayer in welfare benefits if these people aren’t working?

Regardless, if there had been an indictment, these people would have rejoiced in the streets and said that the justice system worked exactly the way it was supposed to. Unfortunately for them, it still worked exactly the way it was supposed to, it just didn’t work the way they wanted it to.

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