2ND AMENDMENT WIN: Man Pumps Racist Thugs Full of Lead (VIDEO)

We know the leftist caricature of gun-rights advocates as stupid, poor, right-wing rednecks just isn’t true.

With socialists like Bernie Sanders insisting we shouldn’t be free to protect ourselves and supporting laws meant to prohibit citizens being armed in public, our right to defend ourselves and those we love is under attack.

When two white supremacists tried to take out their hatred by attacking a black man they got what they deserved

Two racists got the surprise of their lives when their attempt at a hate crime failed, thanks to their targets knowing their gun rights. According to bayareaintifada:

A group of drunk, racist white men entered a Fort Myers, Florida Waffle House restaurant and began hurling racial slurs at two men of color, Jehrardd Williams and Jorge Henrandez, who were sitting at the restaurant counter.


one of the racists who had already exited the restaurant, Dakota Fields comes charging back in the restaurant to attack Williams. Obviously unaware that Williams was carrying a gun, Fields attempts to tackle Williams but instead gets himself shot three times before running back out the restaurant.

Later, the two racists crashed their car on a getaway to the hospital, killing Fields. No charges were brought up against Williams – as he was defending himself. This goes to show that the only solution to violence and white supremacy is being armed.

Watch the ordeal below:

via Truth & Action

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