Radical Islamist PANIC After Trump Just Announced That He’s Purging Them From The US Government

It is one thing for people of Islamic faith to serve the American government out of a sense of duty, honor and patriotism. It is quite another for people of any faith with ties to known terrorist organizations to be allowed to serve in highly secure and sensitive positions involving people with clear ties to a major terrorist organization.

Take Keith Ellison for example, an anti-Israel congressman who had a pilgrimage to Mecca funded by the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s not the only one, as there are people holding key positions, many of them inside of the Department of Homeland Security, who are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. And when the Commander-In-Chief is one of these individuals, America has a duty to speak out and take steps to force the government to remove these individuals, with very questionable loyalties, from office.

Clearly, he hasn’t. But Donald Trmp is going to be taking his place very soon, and you can bet they’ll be among the casualties when the swamp begins to drain.

As the US Herald reported:

Prominent left wing news site Politic reports that, “The employees [Islamists] are on edge about everything from retaining their security clearances to the possibility of discriminatory treatment under Trump, whose top aides include known peddlers of conspiracy theories about Islamists infiltrating the U.S. government.”

Now these Islamists are doing what snowflake liberals are known for – holding support groups to talk about their fears and feelings about the new era of Donald Trump.

When America voted for and elected Trump as president, they made it clear that the threat coming from radical Islam is one of the biggest threats that the United States faces today. So, if these Islamists aren’t radical or linked to radicals and haven’t done anything wrong then they should have nothing to fear.

Watch the short video below that shows these Islamist’s complaints, but be aware of the representative from Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group with known connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The conclusion? There’s only one: that Obama has stacked our government, to the highest level, with radical Islamists who better start packing now before Trump takes care of them. Good riddance to them!

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