Radical Muslim Attacks Colorado Police Officer and Drops Key Item, Alarming Investigators (VIDEO)

Colorado police were called to the scene of a theft Saturday when a man attempted to steal a 9 millimeter handgun and a holster at Victory Defense in Canon City, CO. The altercation that ensued was not what they had expected when the thief turned out to be an American Muslim convert indoctrinated online into Islamic extremism.

Hudson Taylor Clark, 32, who has been identified as the offender, was confronted by a store employee approximately an hour after arriving to the store. Upon the clerk’s questioning, Clark pulled out a knife and threatened to cut the employee, according to Colorado news source KRDO. That’s when a store clerk contacted police for help.

[WATCH] Muslim Attacks US Officer and Drops Key Item, Alarming Investigators

Corporal Sanders arrived at the shooting shop about ten minutes after the initial call. Clark didn’t say a word before he pulled out his knife and began stabbing the officer under Sander’s left arm. The officer ordered Clark to stop stabbing him several times, but when he didn’t respond to the demands Sanders was forced to shoot the suspect. Clark received two shots to the left arm, one in the right arm, and one to the upper abdomen, the news station reported.During the course of the confrontation between the officer and the suspect, Clark reportedly dropped a copy of the Muslim holy book, the Quran. At a news conference Monday on the incident, police reported that Clark’s family informed them that he had been making “Islamic statements” and had a habit of visiting jihadist websites. Now federal authorities have made contact with the Canon City police department regarding the incident about the comments Clark made related to the jihadist cause.

Both Sanders and Clark suffered wounds from the brawl, and the men were taken to St. Thomas More Hospital for treatment of their injuries.  Clark was later transferred by helicopter to a hospital in the larger nearby town of Colorado Springs, CO.

According to a police investigation of Clark’s violent attack, they discovered that the suspect did not have friends or a job and had been described as a loner among those that knew him. Clark’s family told authorities that he likely became mentally disturbed after suffering a recent devastating breakup with his girlfriend. Clark’s mother had contacted the sheriff’s office in Canon City to report that her son was gravely disabled and mentally ill just days before the incident.

Sanders has been released from the hospital and is said to be recovering well while on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into the incident. Clark faces several charges, including aggravated robbery, attempted murder of a police officer, assault, menacing, attempted theft, theft and resisting arrest. He is being held on $100,000 bond and will have his day in court on December 24.

Extremists are using the internet as their strongest weapon in their jihad against Americans. They can create home-grown terrorists by preying on the weak and down-trodden, and it’s a fact that needs to be heavily monitored as these individuals can operate under the radar in groups since they look just like you and I and don’t raise any alarms. Meanwhile, good work to the officer in this case who risked his safety to do his job and protect the community.

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