Radical Muslim Teen Plotted To Murder Police Officers… Gets A Massive Dose Of Justice In Return


(Conservative Tribune) A teenage British boy recently plotted from his bedroom to kill Australian police officers in an Anzac Day parade.

The 14-year-old, radicalized by Islamic State propaganda online, urged Australian teenager Sevdet Besim to launch a terror attack against the police officers in the Melbourne parade.

The British teen, who was unnamed due to his age, reportedly explained to Besim, 18, different ways he could kill and become a “martyr,” according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

First, he encouraged Besim to break into the home of someone who lived alone and behead the innocent victim to get his “first taste of beheading.” He also encouraged Besim to make a martyrdom video.

Next, Besim would need to start attacking police officers. The British teen described different ways to do so, including using a gun, a car, or a knife. The British teen recommending running over the officers with a car, beheading the victim and then moving on to the next target.

In July, he became Britain’s youngest convicted Islamic terrorist after he admitted inciting terrorism overseas. The now 15-year-old boy is being sentenced this week.

Prosecutors told the court that the attack would ‘in all probability’ have resulted in mass fatality if had not been thwarted.

The scheme to kill officers in Australia wasn’t the teen’s only terrorist plot. He had been researching potential targets in Britain as well as teaching himself how to detonate devices and explosives. The teen’s hit list included a police station, a town hall, and a defense and aerospace firm.

At school, the teen often scared his teachers and classmates. On one occasion, he showed gory videos of bloodied bodies.

“You are on my beheading list,” he reportedly told a teacher.

“It is clear that the purpose of this proposed attack was to promote the ideology and agenda of ISIS,’ prosecutor Paul Greaney said. “It is clear that he had been radicalized by ISIS propaganda accessed by him over the internet.”

Greaney explained that evidence proved the teen’s relationship with his Australian counterpart was instigated by Abu Khaled a-Cambodi, a well-known Islamic State group recruiter and propagandist in Australia.

The prosecutor said that the two teens were determined to execute the attack as planned.

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