Radical Muslims Thrilled At What Dunkin’ Donuts Stores Just Did To Women

For once, the Muslims are happy.

You’d think that would be good news, as maybe they’d stop killing people, but take a look at what they’re happy about. Dunkin’ Donuts in Saudi Arabia is now Sharia compliant. Women aren’t allowed in their Saudi stores without a male accomplice, with a sign outside the door of one store in Riyadh reading that “escorted women” aren’t allowed inside the restaurant.

And they’re not alone. In Saudi Arabia, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s all adhere to Sharia rules that prohibit men and women from eating with each-other. Most Saudi restaurants are segregated, with men on one side, and women and children on the other.

In response to criticism, Starbucks issued a statement “Starbucks in Saudi Arabia adheres to the local customs by providing separate entrances for families as well as single people. All our stores provide equal amenities, service, menu, and seating to men, women and families. We are working as quickly as possible as we refurbish our Jarir store, so that we may again welcome all customers in accordance with local customs.”

So that’s right – the same stories that will protest North Carolina for their law on transgender bathrooms are A-OK when it comes to Sharia Law. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz even once told those opposed to gay-marriage that they can do without their business.

Not only is there universal opposition to same sex marriage in Saudi Arabia, they don’t prevent gays from being married – they behead them.

H/T to Conservative Tribune for this story.

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