Rancher LaVoy Finicum – His video to Obama, just want to live in peace – God bless you all


Posted by LaVoy Finicum; One Cowboy’s Stand for freedom on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was a law-abiding man who preferred to spend time with his large family and his 100-head of cattle on their land in northern Arizona along the Utah border, one of his daughters said Tuesday.

As a child, daughter Arianna Finicum Brown said that she didn’t always appreciate the big family sit-downs Finicum would call to discuss Scriptures, the Constitution and the Founding Fathers who fought for freedom. But as she got older, she began to appreciate and believe in his message.

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A quiet man who worked his to-do list from sun-up until sundown, Brown said that he preferred to discipline his children through discussions and closely followed the tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“He’d ask, ‘Why did this happen?’ He would be disappointed and would explain why it wasn’t good to do bad things — that was way worse than yelling at us,” she said. “I never ever wanted to talk back to my dad. I don’t think I ever did. I completely respected him.”

He instructed his children never to hurt others and to live good and righteously, she said, and to contribute to society.

Finicum and his wife Jeanette were foster care parents for troubled boys. Finicum estimates that over the past decade, more than 50 boys came through their ranch near Chino Valley, Arizona. The boys often landed there from mental hospitals, drug rehabs and group homes for emotionally distressed youth.

“My ranch has been a great tool for these boys,” Finicum said. “It has done a lot of good.”

Finicum was the father to 11 children and a grandfather many times over, and was expecting at least one grandchild shortly.

Finicum said he is licensed and has a care contract with Catholic Charities Community Services in Arizona. via OregonLive

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