Rand Paul Just EXPLODED And Proved Why Hillary Should Be In PRISON!

The liberal dominated media takes it really easy on Hillary Clinton. It appears only the conservative leaning media is the one reporting on the true story. Especially when it comes to the Clintons. Well now Rand Paul, former republican presidential contender, is speaking out about her.

Watch this video to see what he says!

In reference to Ambassador Stevens daily schedule when the Benghazi attacks happened he said,

“You can understand why he wouldn’t have wanted the jihadists to know where he was, when he was and why that was inexcusable that Hillary Clinton would put that out there and not put it in a secure place.”

Paul also talked about Bill Clinton receiving $750,000 from a bank that was the same one negotiating the very purchase of the North American uranium company. This same deal had to be approved by the state department that was under the supervision of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. He said,

“I think it’s indictable. I think she should be in prison for it. But short of that, I think every voter needs to know that the Clintons are in it for themselves, they’re in it to make money and they will make hundreds of millions of dollars if she gets into the White House because they will sell themselves to the highest bidder.”

Hillary for prison is definitely Rand Paul’s motto these days. He was especially disgusted by classified secrets she revealed in emails that were done on a private server. As well as her pay to play behavior with the Clinton Foundation and certain countries.

Paul is one of many conservatives and even Bernie liberals who are furious that Hillary Clinton is not being held accountable for her actions. People say women in politics are treated differently. But I would like to see Hillary be treated 1/10 the same way Richard Nixon was treated.

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