Rap Artist OBLITERATES Colin Kaepernick “Soldiers Died Fighting For Our Freedom”


Known to his Mother as Joseph Antonio Cartagena, but the world of rap as ‘Fat Joe’ this rapper has formed an opinion on the whole Colin Kaepernick being a total douchebag thing.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about…let me help you out.


Colin Kaepernick, loser and now back-up QB to the San Francisco 49ers, decided a few weeks back he’d stop standing for the National Anthem before games, citing… America is racist.

Nothing like seeing someone who is suppose to be a role model disrespecting the very men and women who fight for his freedoms so he can throw a ball and make millions.

That’s enough to want to HULK SMASH the a-hole. Am I right?


Now that you’re caught up…here’s the 411 on ‘Fat Joe’. There have been quite a few famed humans of our Nation coming out and giving their 2 cents on what they think of Kaepernick’s stupidity. Since his first act against his country, many MANY more have followed. Whether it be to stay relevant in their career, or because they really think the same way, I don’t know. However, it’s happening…

Fat Joe in response to the idiocy of it all, posted this tweet, and told America his thoughts on the wide open can of worms…


Shortly after, and probably after realizing how much attention he was getting out of it, he deleted the tweet.

Which personally to me would be embarrassing, but I guess he has people to appease.


We know that, that is what his opinion is on it, or he wouldn’t have posted it in the first place, whether he chooses to stand by it…that’s a whole other story.

..also a big problem today! Where are the diehards man!

I mean… integrity. Right?