Scumbag Rapist Pleas With Judge For Lighter Sentence, Judge Has BRUTAL Idea For Justice Instead!

Disgusting scumbag rapist, Kendrick Morris, ruined the life of a teen girl, Queena Phu, about to embark on her college years and hopefully a fulfilling career. Instead, she met this guy and he raped her and violently beat her. She was left with life changing injuries that no doctor can fix. She’s paralyzed, blind, and mute. Her life ripped away from her by a violent scumbag thug.

This isn’t the first time he’s raped someone either. He raped an elderly woman a year before this. Why he was out on the streets, I have no idea.

When it was time for Kendrick Morris to receive his sentencing for the heinous crime, he had the audacity to ask the judge to go easy on him.

Morris was handed a 65-year sentence behind bars. His sentence would be reviewed because he’s a minor, which is in accordance with a Supreme Court law. What he didn’t expect was that his review would go a lot worse than expected.

Judge Chet Tharpe eliminated any chance for an early release for Morris. Instead, he upgraded Morris to a life sentence based on the cruelty and resulting injuries of his crime. If the victim can’t live her life the way she intended, then why should he ever have the chance to do the same?

“The court finds that the nature of the defendants crimes in these two cases was especially heinous and brutal. The court finds the defendant’s crimes were sexually violent in nature. These crimes were particularly atrocious and cruel. Accordingly, life sentences are the only appropriate sentences in this case,” said Tharpe.

The family was OK with the results of the sentencing, but have expressed that the victim is also serving a life sentence and nothing can change that for her. Their girl is forced to live life in a way that prevents her from attending college and moving on to the career she wanted. Her future is nothing like what she was planning. It was all taken away by this sick scumbag rapist and she won’t ever get that life back.

He deserves life in prison or worse.

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