RAW FOOTAGE: Taken Just Before The California JIHAD; You need to see this (VIDEO)


This footage was taken inside the disability center that would be attacked by gunmen not long after. The knowledge of what was about to happen there completely changes how you’ll view this clip.

via LIFTABLE: Instead of giving fame to the killers behind the recent mass shooting in California by focusing on their actions, we should instead give coverage to all of the good that has gone on at the scene of the recent tragedy.

Today, we’re celebrating the many who’ve poured into the disabled members of the Inland Regional Center, in San Bernardino, California. Here, the staff and members in wheelchairs dance to Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” during the center’s holiday party just one day before the shooting.

According to the center’s Facebook page, the agency’s aim is to, “help provide each individual with a service system that helps identify and eliminate barriers for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families so they can closely live a typical lifestyle.”

Kristine Metcalf is one beneficiary of the Inland Regional Center’s work. She’s used the services provided to care for her disabled, daughter, Kimie who was born prematurely, with cerebral palsy, and at age four, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Today, Kimie is an energetic grade schooler who’s already spoken on behalf of the family-oriented agency.

“She is the product of Inland Regional Center, she would not be where she is today without it,” Metcalf said Wednesday. “She wouldn’t be the kid she is today. This is what they are creating, they are giving this kid a second chance to be something, to do something.”

“I can’t tell people enough how their services have made a life-changing difference,” she said. “The people who work there are amazing.”

The tragedy of losing 14 innocent lives will not be forgotten. In memory of those lost, we choose to also remember and give thanks to the nearly 700 employees who provide selfless care to the agency and its members. Our prayers are with you and with the families of the victims. Thank you for all that you do.

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