Ray Lewis Challenges Kaepernick With What He Should Be Doing Instead of Using the NFL as His ‘Stage’

Ray Lewis clapped back at Colin Kaepernick over his controversial choice to sit out during the national anthem. His actions have drawn criticism and congratulations alike. Other professional athletes as well as young youth athletes have followed in his footsteps in protest across the nation.

Kaepernick’s teammate Eric Reid protested by his side. Look here on Twitter,

Here are other athletes who have taken a knee and supported Kaepernick’s protest,

Some even chose to raise their fists in unison,

Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens decided to comment on the ongoing media circus surrounding the NFL players and the national anthem. Lewis volunteers consistently in the inner city of Baltimore and he did not have the nicest things to say to Kaepernick.

He interviewed with Fox Sports where he claimed that Kaepernick was using the NGL as a stage for his protest. By the tone in his voice and the way he was speaking he clearly did not mean this in a good way.

Lewis pointed to the sacrifices made by veterans to keep the American flag flying. He did a pretty good job at shaming Kaepernick for his ridiculous antics. He also called Kaepernick out for his $1,000,000 donation in which he accused the barely known football player of simply throwing money at the problem. Furthermore, he urged him to make a greater difference then just through money.

Lewis noted that he makes a difference by getting his hands dirty and working on the streets of the inner city which is the primary way to make a real impactful difference. Whereas, he claims that what Kaepernick is doing is not creating substantive difference. In other words, put your money where your mouth is Colin. Don’t give out these men singles gestures that serve no purpose other than to bring attention to yourself.

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