REAL Reason Michelle’s On Solo Trip Exposed With What Barack Was Just Caught Doing Behind Her Back

Michelle Obama was recently caught tramping around the island of Mallorca in Spain sans her husband Barack Obama. Rumors began to swirl of why the pair had suddenly decided to separate for vacation after spending so much time (and taxpayer cash together) going on constant post-presidency trips.

While Michelle’s trip was presented as just another need for more rest and relaxation in solitude, it seemed strange since there’s arguably no person on the planet who rests and relaxes more than this former first lady. While she’s flashing some major thigh, backside, and braless tops on the island, pictures just caught a glimpse of what Barack has been doing in her absence which blows the doors open on why they are spending time apart on different continents.

Celebrity news site Radar Online reports:

Ex-FLOTUS Michelle Obama was floating on a yacht off of Spain just before Labor Day weekend — but the former President, her husband Barack, was nowhere around.

Michelle’s apparently solo vacation could raise questions about the marriage as Barack has previously been seen traveling solo and not wearing his wedding ring, as Radar has reported.

This isn’t the first time that there appeared to be trouble in paradise for the pair, as the veil of a perfect marriage between this mismatched duo has dropped after the family moved out of the White House.

In July, the Gateway Pundit reported that Barack was without his wedding ring and his wife when he was seen in a “chance” selfie with a young mother and her precious child. The woman in the picture was star struck running into the former president of the United States at a random airport in Alaska.

Barack obliged her request for a picture with her baby, which also caught the fact that while he was traveling alone, he was doing so without his wedding ring.

Now that he’s alone back at home while Michelle trips, he’s seems to be back to his habit of not wearing the symbolic piece of jewelry that represents his unity.

Meanwhile, Michelle is living the single lady yacht life, while scantily clad and seemingly taking fashion cues from her young daughters. She doesn’t care that she’s in her 50s and although she’s entitled to dress however she wants, she also should show respect for the role she held for eight years, which is now affording her this lifestyle.

Michelle Obama going out in Mallorca, Spain without a bra on


At a bare minimum, the approval of her trashy club wear attire that liberals seem to praise her for, should render their argument invalid over anything classy Melania Trump wears. Namely, Melania’s footwear of choice in Texas where she attended to the needs of flood victims, which Michelle never did.

Michelle has had several classless public displays since moving out of the White House, as she no longer has to hide her true self behind her First Lady facade. A few months ago, we witnessed the real Michelle show complete disregard for sacred holy sites when she showed up to a historic Italian Catholic church in a blouse literally held together by a few strings and falling off her. Most respectable people have the wherewithal to realize that there’s a staunch dress code in places like this, but Michelle didn’t seem to care.

Now her classlessness has just reached a nasty new low with what she was caught doing on her island vacation that she’s sharing with her LGBT friends – former United States Ambassador to Spain James Costos and his husband Michael Smith.

The fact that she was once the First Lady of the United States seems even more shocking now than when he was in the White House, after seeing how Michelle carries herself when she thinks nobody is looking.

Forgetting that she’s 53-years-old, Michelle was seen this week in Spain sporting a skirt with a slit so high it showed all of her thigh and part of her backside. Regardless that this is not s sight most want to see of her, she made it worse with what she was wearing (and showing) the next day.

Acting like a teen or millennial, Michelle went out in public forgetting something she probably should have put on before leaving her hotel room.

Michelle emerged for dinner wearing a black strappy outfit with no bra. To most people, this would be inappropriate, but that decency was apparently lost on her. Worse yet, was how she looked when going on another island adventure during this trip, paying homage to her rapper friends with what she decided to wear.

Michelle went on a hike around the island, surrounded by her staff and security, and if you didn’t know it was a former first lady, you’d assume that it was a thuggish rapper based on her attire. Trying to hide her face with a black hood, Michelle stomped around the island in all black “street” clothes.

Considering that Barack is back at home without his wedding ring on, perhaps Michelle is strutting this new look as to put herself out there to others who may show her some interest? Either way, she needs to put a bra on, at the bare minimum, no matter who or what she’s hoping to attract.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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