REAL Soldier Exposes Scumbag For Stolen Valor [WATCH]


Another stolen valor scumbag has made the public spotlight after being spotted by an actual soldier who noticed a few things that didn’t add up. What’s even better is the entire confrontation was caught on tape, allowing the fraud to be shamed nationwide.

The incident took place at the Fresno-Yosemite International Airport, where former U.S. Army Specialist Christian Parmer noticed a man wearing his Army uniform all wrong. As it turns out, Parmer had just wrapped up his service a month prior as a combat engineer that swept Afghani streets for mines, leaving uniform regulation ever-present in his mind. He did what any good soldier would and confronted the man.

According to KMPH Fox 26:

Palmer says, “He’s wearing his hat in doors, which we don’t. He’s got a confederate flag on his shoulder, which we don’t wear of course.”

Parmer says the man then tried to act the part.

Palmer says, “Before I filmed I asked to see if he really was a solider? He said yeah I’m Army EOD. I said okay, okay and I walked off. I said no this can’t be right, no solider would wear his uniform in public in that manner.”

Parmer further admitted that he became so enraged with the man that he notified airport police. The conversation continued, and the man eventually claimed that the uniform was not his at all, but rather that of his step-son.

He was then asked to leave by airport security.

REAL Soldier Exposes Scumbag For Stolen Valor [WATCH]

According to the Fox news affiliate:

Parmer says the Stolen Valor Act makes it a crime to impersonate a U.S. military member, if that person attempts to benefit in any way from doing so. That includes any kind of military discounts, like free meals or falsely applying for benefits they are not entitled to.

When they noticed the man had a Starbucks cup in his hand, it raised a few questions – the first of which being if he received a discount for his beverage. After asking a Starbucks employee, it was revealed that he did in fact receive a 20% discount.

What do you think of stories such as these? What do you feel would be an adequate punishment for anyone – receiving benefits or not – found to be impersonating a current or inactive service member? Let us know in the comments.

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