Liberals can’t quite figure out what to do with black Republicans like Tim Scott and Mia Love. They completely destroy their race-baiting narrative. But luckily for us, it gives leaves an opportunity for their true colors to shine through. Democrats claim they are the party of minorities.

They tell us they truly care about the black community, but they actually only “care” about the portion that mindlessly votes for them. Like Tim Scott said, poverty rates have only gone up under Democratic leadership. Liberals love the poor so much, they create more!

Anyway, a liberal professor wrote that Mia Love, the first black female Republican to be elected to Congress in Utah, owes her success to “white privilege.”

In what world does that make sense?

From Downtrend:

What? Look at the picture and tell me if you think there’s any way Mia Love’s success is due to her “white privilege.” In a bizarre twist of reality, a black professor is accusing the first black Republican woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives of benefiting from systemic racism and yes, white privilege.

Keep in mind that Mia Love won her Congressional seat this week in a white majority district in Mormon-dominated Utah. She wasn’t swept into office by a black electorate that votes skin color; she was elected because voters felt she was the best person to represent them.

Darron T. Smith, sees things differently. Writing for The Huffington Post, the black professor dismisses Love’s historic achievement mostly because she is a Republican. As a black and a woman, Smith argues that Love is in conflict with her own self-interest by being a member of the GOP and therefore her success cannot be attributed to her own hard work.

In a thinly veiled “Uncle Tom” accusation, Smith says Love only achieved her historic win because she plays the white man’s game:

She appears publicly unhampered by the daily grind of white racism that affects other racial minorities within the United States.

In other words, Mia Love refused to play herself as a victim of racism and instead seized opportunities available to all people. If this white racism is real, how was Love magically unaffected by it? She’s a witch! Burn her!

Unlike most of them, Mia gets to walk through the hallowed doorways of white institutions controlled by elite, powerful men. She is allowed to pass through in her black, female body with the understanding that she must not see, speak or openly advocate for anything related to race or gender — an unholy compromise.

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Why do liberals get away with saying this? In essence, Smith is saying, “Mia Love is too stupid to realize that she’s hurting herself by identifying with the Republican Party.” He’s calling her an “Uncle Tom,” which isn’t surprising. Liberals have already been saying that about Tim Scott.

Smith’s assessment is completely laughable. I mean, if anyone grew up privileged, it’s their boy Barack Obama. But he doesn’t count, because he’s a liberal. Can you say, “double standard?”


-Courtesy of Young Cons

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