RED ALERT: “Unbelievers” Get Chilling Warning as Muslim Majority Takes Over US City (VIDEO)


(Conservative Tribune) Hamtramck, Michigan, has become the first city in America to elect a Muslim-majority city council … and it’s already going about as well as you would expect.

WJBK reported that soon after receiving word that Muslims had successfully captured a majority of the seats on the city council, a Muslim activist made a shocking comment that raised concern even outside Hamtramck.

“Today we show the Polish and everybody else,” said Ibrahim Algahim, whose comments were captured on a cellphone video.

Hamtramck has been predominantly Polish for generations, and now many are fearing that this new Muslim-majority city council will try to destroy what’s left of the Polish heritage in the town.

“I’m shocked that he said that. I’m a very good friend of his,” said Cathie Lisinki-Gordon, a former council member. “I cannot believe that he would ever profile any select group. Especially when his community has felt ostracized and profiled for many years.”

Some Muslims have pushed back against Algahim’s comments, but that has done little to assuage fears.

“I don’t believe in that,” said Saad Almasmar. “And as a candidate, as a city council member, I’m going to work for everybody, represent everybody, because I got elected for everybody.”

“The ultimate goal is to work together,” said Bill Meyer. “We’ve got a great possibility of showing the world how great people can work together, ethnic groups can work together, to solve problems.”

Yes, history is simply brimming with examples of when Muslims worked together with people to solve problems. Unfortunately, many Muslim-majority governments’ idea of “solving problems” have involved mob persecution, mass extermination and genocide.

Hamtramck’s new city council had a chance to show America that they could be just as good as a non-Muslim majority city council, but the activist’s secretly recorded remark casts down on how that opportunity will be used.

Now, the non-Muslim residents must wonder if the city council is planning something to suppress their rights.

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