Redskins and Steelers Send POWERFUL Message to NFL About Our Flag During Monday Night Football

THIS is the America I know and love.

After enduring so much garbage, we finally see something that reminds us all about what we stand for.

We have been infected with a plague of lies and race-baiting fools and it’s spreading at an very alarming rate.

We have football players who make millions doing what they love and getting the adoration of other Americans out on the field choosing to disrespect their country and all those who serve to protect it. Biting the very hand that has provided a way for them to play football, make that cash money, and live out their dreams.

Ungrateful little jerkfaces.

Yesterday’s Monday night football brought us many surprises. Some ticked us off…but the ones that didn’t made up for all the douchebags that took a knee on the field last night.

Especially… the Washington Redskins. What they did last night is going to get them a lot of respect, and it’s well deserved. It’s what we needed right now.

As military men and women hoisted a gigantic field long U.S. flag for the playing of the National anthem, every member of the Washington Redskins team abandoned their place on the sidelines and joined our nation’s heroes in holding onto the flag. It was a moment of absolute and complete patriotic goosebumps and I am certain some tears of joy were shed.

Moments later 3 of the the players from the Pittsburgh Steelers also left their place at the sidelines and joined them on the field. It was beautiful.

If you didn’t get to witness this glorious event… here it is.

As far as I’m concerned, these are real men, and I am really proud of them. It is signs of respect like this that will ignite a whole new sense of honor and unity into this Obama’s America we find ourselves living in these days.

We don’t need to argue, or engage with the stupid of it all. We just need to be American. That’s enough.

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