RELIGION OF PIECES: Muslim Prayer Hall Blows Up… by Its Own Explosives (VIDEO)


OK, I’ll ask the obvious question. If Islam is the religion of piece (trademark pending), why would a Muslim prayer hall have explosives in the first place? Rodents can be a problem, sure. But rats usually don’t warrant crates of C4.

Albeit this was an “illegal” prayer hall where at least one of its members was reppin’ ISIS online, but still. “Prayer” halls are usually halls of people praying. Not so dangerous the bomb squad won’t even risk removing the explosives. In this case, the Russian bomb squad opted to blow the place up instead of removing the material. Otherwise it would’ve been a suicide mission. See what I did there?

A police dog helped to find a cache with more than a kilogram of explosives of unknown origin. A bomb-disposal expert said extracting the explosives would be definitely unsafe and bomb technicians rolled in a water cannon, a source within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT.

The federal highway M5 passing right in front of the house was blocked in both directions and people were evacuated from all nearby buildings.

The house was used for gatherings of Salafis, followers of an ultra-conservative movement within Sunni Islam, and it was not registered with the regional Muslim community as an official house of worship.

Inside the house, the FSB’s special forces detained 53 young men, at least one of whom was promoting the Islamic State terror group online.

Of course this house wasn’t “registered with the regional Muslim community as an official house of worship.” While Islam is a bit backward in their practices (and treatment of women) they know not to sleep where they defecate. Or in this case, make happy little sparklers that go boom. That part is supposed to come after the final utterance of “Allhu Akbar” not a second before.


No word yet on how many more of these “prayer houses” remain in Russia. But as the old adage goes, where there’s one, there are dozens more waiting to explode like a fat feminist confronted with soap. Logic.

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