Rep. Peter King Demands Surveillance of American Muslims After Canadian Attacks


Rep. Peter King (R-New York) is claiming that the attack by Zehaf-Bibeau is linked to the attack in Quebec. This after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Ottawa Police both have stated that he acted alone.

King strongly disagrees saying that numerous other attacks are on the horizon for America. He is requesting strong surveillance on American Muslims due to the stand points which trigger attacks such as those in Canada.

“We can have all the technology in the world, the fact is we have to find out what’s happening on the ground in these Muslim communities and we can only do that through increased surveillance,” stated Rep. King.

Rep. King then insisted that the federal government must “find what people are thinking.”king_peter_2012

“What the NYPD used to until those morons at the New York Times editorial board, and Associated Press, and American Civil Liberties Union went after them… the fact is we have to find what people are thinking. We have to find out who the radicals are,” added Rep. King. “We have to find out what’s going on in the mosques which are often incubators of this type of terrorism.


“With ISIS making a concerted effort to bring about these domestic attacks we have to go all out with surveillance,” stated Rep. King. “We have to monitor what’s happening in those communities and we have to be quick to call it terrorism. We have to realize that this is a real issue and not something that we can hide behind under this cover of political correctness.”

Organizations like the ACLU and numerous others have objected to the request by King, saying in part that this in fact is not a political correctness issue it is ‘racial profiling’ at its highest form. What is your opinion?

Courtesy of Free Patriot 

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