Group DEMANDS That ‘White People’ PAY Reparations To Blacks….”We’re Coming To Get It”

Meet Gazi Kodzo: a.k.a. Black Hitler. Judging by his voice, he appears to be a human incarnation of Jar Jar Binks.

Gazi is a revolutionary African internationalist, black supremacist and Afrocentrist who still to this day is fighting against the chains the white male oppressors has placed upon his brethren, even though they’ve been removed for hundreds of years. As you’ll glean from the video in this article, he and his followers are completely delusional. His ideology is basically the mirror image of your average white supremacist and Neo-Nazi in blackface.

According to him, all white people owe black people reparations? Why? Because of the 1.6% of Americans who owned slaves hundreds of years ago in America. Here’s the scoop, courtesy of Democrat Busters:

Every now and then, groups pop up demanding that white people pay back what they stole from black people over the last couple of centuries.  What they fail to recognize is that they have already been paid for the last 60 years through all sorts of government programs and give aways.  Check this ludicrous video out…


What a bunch of lunatics.

It’s hard not to watch videos like this and not think that white guilt is some kind of bizarre mental illness. I do think these people provide some value to society however – they convince sane people to vote for Donald Trump.

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